“I was hoping of more of a chance to thank you properly. The card I gave you nowhere covers my gratitude and the immeasurable thanks for what you have given my daughter and our family from the day we moved here until her graduation today. I attribute a lot of what she has become to the nurturing and loving community that is Mountain Discovery. That she has grown into an outgoing young lady full of confidence and compassion is in many ways attributed to the environment and atmosphere built and encouraged by you and the team of professionals you surround yourself and the students with. Mountain Discovery has been a ‘God send’ for our family, not to mention the timing. We will never forget the wonderful years we were blessed to share with our Mountain Discovery family and getting to know some of the most beautiful people I have ever met. Mountain Discovery was an oasis during a turbulent time in our lives and has proven itself a guiding light through Erin’s middle school years.”
– Michelle & Erin Faye Davis

In order to express the gratitude and unending faith I have in this school would require much more space than this.   It occurred to me just before I sat down to draft this how indebted the Pate family is to this amazing collection of educators. From day one at the Ingles all the way up until the graduation of my oldest son. I cannot express in enough words the positive impact these impeccable persons have imparted on, not one, but all four of my children. I could individually name every employee in this fine institution, because I have had the pleasure of interacting with all of you on so many levels, personal and professional. So, my KUDOS go out to every current, and former, staff member, volunteer, coach, and involved parent that comprise this bastion of educational excellence. You know who you are, and I applaud you!”
– Anthony Pate

“I would like to thank all of MDCS staff for all that you do. And a special thank you for Ms. Kristen and Mr. Johnathan. They have made our family’s kindergarten experience far better than we could have imagined. They have started our son off on a positive note on a lifetime of learning. He absolutely adores you both. Before school started he was hesitant about going, but now he loves it. It is hard to believe this year is almost over. We will miss you both, but I also know each year he will have wonderful teachers. Thank you so much for not just teaching our kids but loving them.”
– Joleen & Gary

“We would like to thank Ms. Gerry for such a warm welcome for our son to your 2nd grade class. The change in his mood and level of happiness and self-esteem is phenomenal! Thank you for your understanding, and willingness to be flexible in the ways the students can succeed in their education. We also really appreciate Mr. Todd for his time and efforts in taking him for walks to get the “wiggles and squiggles” out! Thank you for helping our son feel good about himself!”
Justin & Erin Geisler

“I just felt compelled to let you and the other MDCS teachers know how much I appreciate the school. I think I would be a very different person if I hadn’t gone to MDCS, and it’s the reason I’m as environmentally and socially conscious as I am. I believe that going beyond the curriculum and teaching kids about real-life issues has an enormous positive impact, and you guys are making the world a better place. I’m very proud to be an MDCS kid, and I think that’s true for all of the alumni. Thank you all so much.”
– Kym Burns

“We have really enjoyed our first year here at MDCS. It has been a good fit for us and we look forward to coming back next year.”
– Dawn Shuler

“I have been here for 10 years and have enjoyed every moment with the awesome students and staff. I look forward to the next 10! Thank you!”
– Glenna

“MDCS is the school to be at if you want your children to succeed. They will learn independence and responsibility. They learn to be environmentally knowledgeable. The field studies and experiences are things that they will utilize the rest of their lives. Thank you MDCS for keeping our kids “out of the box” and for offering an education beyond the status quota.”
– The Strong Family

“Reading all the comments has been uplifting and strengthens my belief that I teach in a wonderful school community.”
– Ms. Corky

“I am thankful every day for my time and experience at MDCS. I am honored to work with the best staff and students! I learn something new every single day!”
– Ms. Lynn

“This is the happiest group of educators I have ever seen, and I appreciate beyond words how much EVERYONE who works at MDCS cares about each and every student. What an amazing community to be a part of!”
– Braden Henry

“I think it’s wonderful that there is a great group of teachers that care about our children and want them to succeed. My grandchildren have been blessed to be at MDCS.”
– Cathy Ray