Vision For The Future

The reality is that the buildings at Mountain Discovery Charter School (MDCS) are wearing out and the school needs somewhere to move, or a plan to replace what’s there. We have procured land, which was a necessary first step to having an expanded campus with permanent structures, but we have no plans or details about what all this might look like. Clearly, the school cannot build a new campus without help from a foundation, or trust, or wealthy philanthropist, or some combination thereof.

picmonkey_image (3)

So, our plan is to use a strong narrative to present our school’s amazing story to potential contributors. One part of this will be a map and plan for the new property that shows what such a campus could look like. An architectural firm, the same firm that designed the new Cherokee school, has drawn this up for us. Please understand when you see this layout that it’s what the architects thought would look good on paper – this is not any sort of final plan – no decisions have been made.

As we begin to get funding for a new campus, THEN the whole school – everybody included – can delve into the details of how we want the campus to function, the size and the features of the buildings and all other matters about the future function and culture of the school. We understand that you might worry that some of the things you love about MDCS could be lost in the transition to a new and different campus.

So please believe that this project is about making everything better for MDCS, not just the buildings, and everybody will have a voice in building design and campus function. But first we need to begin getting money.


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