About the Committee

The Plant a Seed Committee was formed in January of 2016 after a presentation by Carter (our CFO) about the establishment of a Capital Campaign aimed at improving the school buildings at Mountain Discovery Charter School (MDCS). For the third year of this annual drive, we’re proud to announce of energetic and committed volunteer committee below.

And remember, “About Us” is a page about you, and me, and all of us, and what we can do to help shape the future of our kids’ school. So step up, pitch in with a pledge, or renew an existing one, and join the conversation about the future shape of the best little elementary school in western North Carolina.

Committee members include:

Terri Clark (co-chair)

Alison Joseph (co-chair)

Allyson Bolden

Amy Jo Harvey

Anna Lippard

Anne Sontheimer

Jon and Marysue Hoag

Julie Jacobsen

Krista Skrede

Megan Hoakanson

Michelle Bentley